FOOD ...


Served at 8.00 am

A selection of cereal is provided.



Served at 10.00 am and 2.30 pm

A variety of fruits are offered at snack time along with a cup of milk.



We provide a nutritionally balance two course cooked dinner for all children attending the the nursery.  


Served at 4.30 pm

​We offer a light meal to include meats and mixed vegetables, pasta and rice dishes, wraps or sandwiches with salad, beans or egg on toast.

Water is available at all times.  Milk is provided during snack times. 

Water is available in each of the rooms throughout the whole day.  We offer milk in addition to this during morning and afternoon snacks.  Please let us know if your child is dairy intolerant so we can cater for their needs.

​​A typical day....

If there ever is such a thing!

Each play room follows a routine which benefits the needs of all children.  Activities are planned around the children's interests which in turn provide a mix of child-initiated and adult-led activities while following the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages).

When visiting BebeTots Nursery, please ask the about the routine within the room in which your child may be attending.

Our Toddler Room

Within our toddler room we provide a stimulating environment to support your child's natural curiosity.  The opportunities they have in their learning and to explore through child initiated and an element of adult-led activities.  

Our toddler room is designed to allow freedom of choice, a range of activities are provided each day to support their curiosity and their developing vocal skills.  Circle time is a wonderful time to share stories and favourite songs.   

Our Baby Room 

Within our baby room we provide a nurturing environment to support your baby in their early development.  They have opportunities to learn and explore in structured adult-led and child initiated activities.  

Our baby room is designed to be a stimulating environment, full of colours and textures to help engage and interest your child.  In contrast, we have a black and white area which are the first colours babies see and a stimuli.  The cooler, softer colours offer a calming environment for relaxing and enjoying stories.  

7-7A Trowbridge Road, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3AY

Nursery & Pr​e-School

Pre-School Room 

Preparing your child for their next journey in their learning and development is what our pre-school offers, enabling your child to have the skills they need for starting school. 

The pre-school room provides each child an opportunity for independence, choice and friendship through a range of child-initiated and adult-led activities.  Allowing children to work in small groups, listening to each other and having acceptance for each others ideas and beliefs provides a holistic approach of kindness.

Children's natural curiosity and sense of questioning is encouraged and broadened, giving opportunities for them to test what they know and question their own ideas.

The Garden

As part of the children's routines, the babies and toddlers are able to access the enclosed rear garden twice a day and the pre-school are able to access the garden throughout the day. 

During the last two years, we have been developing our garden, providing a safer surface throughout a majority of the garden, installed a large raised flower bed, a large sandpit which doubles up as a stage, a baby swing and  slide, a decked area with slide, a pirate ship, play house, mud kitchen and reading area.  We have more recently had a large roof installed to cover the patio area, proving a space where the children can access the outdoors even in the wettest of weathers.

We also provide a variety of activities in the garden to support the learning and development goals for the children, including the use of natural resources.

We have an area of the garden which we are still to develop, the ethos of the final part is that of a woodland area, providing natural outdoor play and exploratory and a 'forestry themed' way of learning.