Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Dear Parents

Update COVID-19 - 25 March 2020

I hope this find you, your family and friends well and in good health.

Thank you for all your messages, emails and kind wishes.  As a team, your kind messages have kept us all going this last week.  I apologise I have not been able to answer everyone's emails so far, I am trying to get through them and I am hoping that this message gives you the answers you have been looking for, if not, please do not hesitate to reply.

These are very serious and worrying times, as a nation we are facing some of the most challenging circumstances many of us will have ever known, especially where we have loved ones who are either elderly or sit under the vulnerable category.  There is a great deal of uncertainty about what is going to happen and how long it will be before we are able to get back to something approaching normal life.

These last few weeks have been a testing time for many of us, be it financially, emotionally or physically.  I have come to realise while working from home sounds 'cushy' and a great idea.  Practically, the experience of trying to home school Phoebe and Edward in English, maths, science, PE, art and RE, while also trying to work, has had its challenges in the Morris house hold last week.  I'm glad to be back in the office and leaving my husband to 'work from home' and home school the children fr another week.  I hope your experiences have not been so challenging, for me, it has been a very long time since I have added, subtracted and multiplied fractions!

I wanted to write to you at this time to update you on the actions we are taking as a nursery and how we intend to try to get through this period.  As many of you will be aware, we have been asked by the government to remain open to provide childcare for key workers and the most vulnerable children in our care. For those of you who have informed us that you have a key worker status we have a space reserved for your child/children when you feel you need it.  For key worker children who will be attending, fees are due as normal each month.  Please liaise with us each week by Wednesday, where possible, so we can ensure we provide enough care for all children.

Now more then ever we understand the importance that we are in this together and must pull together as a society.

While one of our priorities is being able to retain our team so that we will be in a position to reopen when the time allows.  We are now aware that we should be able to acquire some financial help to reduce some of our payroll costs through the furlough scheme.  This has come as a great relief to us although the full details of the practicalities of this, has not yet been released.

I have spoken to a number of other nursery owners who are providing to support for each other, many intend to charge full fees and many have been able to offer a 50% reduction in fees whilst they are closed, regardless of being closed for all children or just those who do not have key worker parents.  I asked what they have based their decisions on and the impact it will have for them.  While my business head says one thing, my moral head and heart want to do what feels right for all those involved.  I like to think of BebeTots as an extended family and at such times we pull together the best way we can.

We have been working out what support and help can we can offer you, this may be in terms of help with your child's learning at home as well as financially.

We will be looking at our financial position each month, as our position may change due to further restrictions and/or government guidelines.

Based on our business financial commitments and the help we are able to obtain, we believe that in order to be in the position to reopen when this horrible situation is finally over, although we are contractually able to request full fees to be paid, we do not feel it is right to do so while we have other help available to us.  Where possible, we want to offer a discount to parents rather than lining our own pockets, so to speak.

Our calculations have also taken into account that a majority of our customers are able to continue to 'work from home' or have been put on furlough leave themselves, still being able to obtain either a full salary or at least 80% of their normal salary.

As mentioned earlier we will be reviewing our financial position each month, to ensure the stability of the nursery going forward and as long as we are able to cover our financial obligations, any money we receive from the government to help us, this discount will be automatically passed on to parents.

Our invoices have been raised in full at present (with the exception of the food and consumable charge), which is required for our system.  If you need any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you all stay safe and well.

Update COVID-19 - 22 March 2020

I have had a number of queries regarding the information required from your employers with reference to your key worker status.

The letter required will need to be on company letter headed paper and should include;

Your name and your position within the company.

From Monday, we will be taking the temperature of all children and staff coming into nursery on arrival and again at 12.30 pm.  If children have a temperature of 37.8 degrees or above, we will be asking you to take them home and self isolate, as will I be asking my team to, in these situations.

We will also ask that you keep us updated weekly, no later than Wednesday, to tell us if your child will be attending the following week. We will need to know;

The days of week you will be requiring your child to attend, for nurses, ambulance and police key workers, we will be as flexible as we can be to aid your need to work, assuming we have the availability.
The hours you will require your child to attend
Please be reminded we are likely to only be open 0730-1730 to ensure I can safely staff the nursery throughout the remainder of the day.

I must please stress again, if you, or others are at home or looking after other children in the household, you should also keep further children at home to be cared for where possible. This is to keep other children and my team safe.

Please remember my team are putting themselves and their families at risk, children do not understand social distancing and we need to stay healthy to give them the attention and care they deserve while at nursery.

We will be as flexible as possible, where staffing allows, if your working pattern is to change for any reason.

Please all take care and stay safe.

Update COVID-19 - 20 March 2020

We wanted to write to you following the national update to COVID-19 regarding school closures as the Government has now provided advice regarding key workers.

The Government announced on Wednesday 18 March 2020 that after early years childcare settings shut their gates on Friday afternoon (20 March 2020), they will remain closed for most pupils until further notice.

This will be for all children except those of key workers and children who are most vulnerable.  The Government announced that the scientific advice shows that these settings are safe for this small number of children to continue attending.

Critical workers include (but is not limited to) NHS staff, police, farmers and food retail workers, who need to be able to go out to work.

In order to continue to offer critical services as part of the country’s ongoing response to the virus, children of workers who form a central part of effort - such as NHS workers, police and delivery drivers - will also be able to continue to attend school, college or a childcare provision.

A full list of critical workers and further information is available on the website:

If you have any queries about this we would recommend you contact your employer who will be able to provide advice and guidance.

Critical Key Workers will be required to provide a letter from their employer to confirm they hold a key worker role.  We understand that this may not be possible to get it to us by Monday, however it will be required as soon as possible and before the end of next week.

Please be aware that we cannot reply to individual phone calls regarding this situation but be assured we will continue to follow the latest government advice and keep everyone updated via EyLog communications.

We are sure many of you may question what will happen about fees.  While we appreciate your concerns during such times, in line with our terms and conditions full fees should be paid.  However, we are conscious of the strain this may put upon many parents.  Therefore, once we have had the opportunity to make calculations so that our payroll and utilities are covered, any possible reductions in fees will then be applied on a percentage basis where possible.

This is because insurance companies across the country are not covering COVID-19 for loss of business interruption.  We too have now been informed that due to the current situation, despite having the higher level of cover we have,which does include diseases, we are not able to make a claim for any business interruption or loss of earnings and yet we are expected by the government to continue to employ the full team.  We hope you can appreciate these are difficult times for us as a business, as much as we appreciate these are difficult times for you all too.

We thank you for all your kind messages that have been passed to myself and the team showing your support in this matter during such uncertain times.

We will continue to provide regular updates regarding the ongoing situation and will update you when we have more information about when childcare provisions will be available, hopefully in the near future.

We hope that you and all your families stay well and safe.

Update COVID-19 - 13 March 2020 

Following the latest Government advice yesterday, I am pleased to announce that we will be remaining open until further notice.  However, the following new procedures will now be in place with immediate effect:

Please do not send your child/children into the nursery if they have a temperature of 37.8 degrees or above. Children that develop a temperature during their session will need to be collected immediately.  Children should remain at home for 7 days.

Please do not send your child/children into nursery if they have a persistent cough or develop a new cough, we will asking you to keep your child at home.  If any other family members display any signs or symptoms, please see the link above with regards to the isolation period required.

If parents and carers are required to self-isolate and will not be in any contact with the children they look after, children are able to attend nursery as normal.

However, if the parent is required to self-isolate and are required to continue to care for their child/children, children will also be required to remain at home.

We appreciate that these new measures may cause some inconvenience to parents, but during these uncertain times, we are having to following government advice, safeguard the children, the BebeTots team and do everything we can to reduce cross contamination.

We will do everything we can to remain open for business and should the government announce closure of all childcare settings along with schools and colleges, we will inform you as soon as we are able to.

COVID-19 - 3 March 2020

There has been a lot of talk in the media about Coronavirus in recent weeks.  Although the risk to healthy children and adults is small, we believe that we must also take simple measures to ensure we, and the children we care for, are kept safe.

With immediate effect, we are asking that all children and adults wash their hands on arrival into the nurser.  We will provide a wash station and hand sanitiser within the reception area to make this possible.  

We will also encourage you to ask your child to wash their hands before leaving the nursery to further protect everyone involved.

We fully appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

Jennifer & The BebeTots Team.


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